Here are some podcasts that I’m a part of. If you need help with yours, I can be bought.

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The New Activist

Show description: This weekly show features conversations with activists and leaders tackling some of the world’s biggest humanitarian issues from the frontlines of the war against injustice.

What I do on this show: Everything


The Going Scared Podcast with Jessica Honegger

Show description: Jessica Honegger is the founder of fair trade accessories brand Noonday Collection and author of Imperfect Courage. In each episode, Jessica walks through what it looks like to move through your fears toward a life of impact and meaning. 

What I do on this show: Produce, Show Prep., Editing, Mix/Master


The RELEVANT Podcast

Show description: Join the team behind RELEVANT magazine as they discuss everything from the poignant to the random, all with a hilarious twist. There are thought-provoking interviews with leaders, influencers and artists, and occasional in-studio performances as well.

What I do on this show: Co-host, Be Funny, Conduct Interviews